Central Located Hotel in Reykjavik

Our modern, contemporary styled hotel is in very close vicinity to art galleries, museums, cafés, restaurants, bars, clubs and most of Reykjavik's cultural life. 

  • HLEMMUR,  the Reykjavik bus line is located only a minute away.  It is also a walking distance to the natioanal bus terminal, BSI Bus Station from where you can get via bus to destinations all over Iceland. 
  • LAUGAVEGUR   - the main shopping street in downtown Reykjavik, where you may also find most of the nightlife attractions Reykjavik has to offer is at one side of the hotel building.  
  • In easy walking distance you will get to THE PEARL (PERLAN) -  home of the rotating restaurant and the SAGA MUSEUM - known as theViking's Gallery, where history is told from the beginning.
  • HALLGRÍMSKIRKJA  Reykjavik´s highest and most imposing structure visible from almost anywhere in the city.
  • The famous NAUTHÓLSVIK THERMAL BEACH -, where a thermal pool has been created by pumping natural hot water out into the sea, turning the otherwise freezing water to approx. 20°C.

The 4th Floor Hotel occupies the 1st, 2nd and 4th floor of a building in the heart of Reykjavik.  The hotel has a total of 31 rooms including our 8 Superior Studio apartments. Our most recent addition to the hotel is the Studio 29 Cafe/Restaurant where one can come for refreshments or a light snack. Studio 29 also offers space for business meetings and group events.

How to get to 4th Floor Hotel?

  • Pick up the Flybus or Airport Express from Keflavik Airport. It is scheduled with all arrivals.
  • Its about a 45 minutes ride, with drop off at our hotel.
  • Get a taxi from BSI (costly approx 13,000ISK one way) or rent a car from us, www.citycarrental.is, with car pick up at the airport.
  • Check out www.grayline.is or www.re.is for bus information.

Driving Route Keflavik Airport to 4th Floor Hotel

  • Keflavik International Airport > Reykjanesbraut > Bustaðavegur > Snorrabraut
  • Reykjanesbraut is the main road direct to Reykjavik. Once you see the ocean view on your LEFT SIDE, turn left when you will see "Pizza Hut House", to Bustaðavegur street.
  • Bustaðavegur is another straight road that ends and lead to Snorrabraut.
  • Just kept driving straight and on your RIGHT SIDE you will find 4th Floor Hotel.
  • 4th Floor Hotel is located at the corner of Laugavegur and Snorrabraut 29.

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